The Waterbug Company can tailor specific training programs, talks and workshops for a wide range of audiences, from kids to adults and from amatures to professionals.

Some of our past work includes:

* Waterwatch NSW coordinator training. We took the chance to reiterate how much more fun waterbugs are than water quality kits.

* Training waterbug identification as a module of the AUSRIVAS accredited training.

* Master of Ceremonies for the Goulbourn / Broken Water Week awards ceremony. We managed to get in the local paper, so it must have gone ok….you be the judge.

* Lecturing at Murdoch University (John). Teaching freshwater ecology and monitoring design.

* Ongoing Butterfly Adventures (Ed). Chrysalis kits and educational talks for all ages at schools. Emerging butterflies are an amazing thing.

* University of Tasmania. Demonstrating in zoology lab sessions and Central highlands biogeography field trips.

* Waterwatch Tasmania “train the trainers day”. We’ve done quite a lot of this type of thing to thank the Tasmanian waterwatchers who helped to make the Waterbug Book readable.